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All Creatures GREAT and small Pet Sitters, Inc. started in

the summer of 2005.  

My love for His creatures and those who care for them was

the deciding factor for starting ACGS: )

We have a sweet, little Yorkie named Tink.  A very friendly,

smart rat named Delight.  Also, we have two pump hamsters

named Salt and Pepper and a cool gecko named Chico.  

The pets that I care for each have their own personality,

uniquely different in every way ... just like people!  They are

loving and joyful when we come!!

My care team is made up of very loving, honest, reliable,

professional women who take the responsibility of caring for

beloved pets as a privilege and honor.

The requirements as we walk pups is that they are always

on a leash, other pups are avoided and waste clean up is a


A typical walk is that the pups have an enjoyable time

outside while staying within their behavior boundaries.

We always provide free home care which includes bringing

in the mail/newspaper, alternate lights, open and close

blinds, water plants, fill bird feeder, scoop litter box and bring

out/in trash and recycling bins.  

For our furry friends besides giving lots of love, rubs and

kisses, we also feed as instructed, give daily fresh water,

play time and administer medications or vitamins.

We provide a pet taxi.

Our pricing structure is:

$15.00 for a 1/2 hour care visit for one pet

$2.00 for each additional pet, per visit

1 hour visits, an extra $10.00

My best experience with ACGS is all the wonderful pets and

people that I feel blessed to know!!

My tip is that having a professional pet sitter to care for your

beloved pet in their own home is the best way to go!!!